Sary Zuck
Defence Sector Manager, Oracle

1 2 3 Completed is a great Oracle Partner, assisting us in various domains and always delivering excellent results in the projects they are involved in.

Kobi Akiva
Bingo System Engineering TL, 888 Holdings

123Completed has been mentoring and implementing our development lifecycle operations effort using the CA Release Automation (NOLIO) platform. The work done by 123Completed is so good that the implementation of 123Completed is considered by CA as the reference(...)

HP Software

I just want to say that it was really enjoyable working with you … you brought very strong professional skills. In addition to rather stunning results we have achieved (300%) w/o adding more H/W … All goals set by me in the beginning of this session were completely achieved and even beyond!

Stacey Faries
VP Professional Services, GigaSpaces

Your training delivery and courseware is superb, and is always followed by strong positive feedback from our customers. Your XAP senior consultancy practice is a core extension of our own services team, and it is great knowing I can trust your team to represent(...)

Yochai Uliel
Development Manager, APM, VMware

We had to completely replace the underlying database of a very complex product, there were many technologies involved, there was no one was familiar with the code, no one knew the database schema, there were plenty of massive performance bottlenecks and there(...)

Noam Wekser
Oracle University Israel Director, Oracle

The relationship between Oracle and 1 2 3 Completed experts has proven itself for over 15 years now. We are happy to place any projects in their safe hands.

Atzmon Hen Tov
VP R&D, Pontis

Pontis is a pioneer of real-time, segment-of-one marketing and customer base management solutions for Communication Service Providers. 123Complete recently worked with Pontis on developing one of Pontis' newest technologies. This was a technological challenge,(...)

Ohad Maislish
R&D team leader, VMWare

Without your great help, I am sure the project we had would have never been finished on time … Your knowledge and capabilities about databases is very significant and was crucial for the success of our project.