IT Troubleshooting & Consulting

1 2 3 Completed Consulting offers access to some of the most esteemed experts in the market. Our experts are highly skilled analysts, designers and developers who specialize in meeting mission critical technological challenges. Our consulting services are offered from the preliminary stages of planning a development product, i.e. application, and continue through the entire project life cycle.

We guide our customers regarding the analysis of the requirements, the definition of the system specifications and the design of the final architecture of the product. In the next stage, we advise our customers with regard to the selection of the system platform, DB, Application Server and other supporting software tools. In some cases, when our customer has already equipped itself with any specific platform hardware or software, we provide our knowledge on how to adjust the system design and architecture to run over such platform and reach ultimate performance.

Upon completion of the definition of the project stages, we support our customers in the process of selecting and establishing the most appropriate teams for the project execution, whether internal teams, third party's or the experts from 1 2 3 Completed. If required, we then design and provide customized training to qualify the selected staff to successfully accomplish the mission.

In addition, 1 2 3 Completed provides continuous support throughout the implementation of the project and the successful completion of each of its phases, i.e. implementation, testing, code review, benchmarking, release planning and configuration management. We also provide ongoing consultation to any technical difficulties that may arise throughout the production process, new releases of the product, expansions and any other stage of the product generation.

When seeking for top of the line recognized consultants in our domain it was obvious to us that 1 2 3 Completed composes the skill set, dedication and expertise to assist us in becoming a market leader. 1 2 3 Completed is continuously assisting us in our Research and Development and QA efforts. I must say that the 1 2 3 Completed company name says it all. These guys know how to deliver!

Lanir Shacham, CTO, Correlsense.