Success Stories

We at 1 2 3 Completed are taking pride of our great customer relationships. Our customer's success is our success. We are working hand in hand with our customers in order to guarantee satisfaction and we are flexible enough to work with any business model that will enable our customers to announce a win–win partnership.

At the end of another very successful year, I would like to thank you and all 1 2 3 Completed trainers & consultants for being such a valuable partner. 1 2 3 Completed contribution to the GigaSpaces field operations , educations and the XAP product offering is greatly appreciated and impactful. Customers having only positive feedback for the level of training provided and the quality of the trainers. On the product development front you have contributed to the global http session clustering, XAP Puppet deployment, XAP web dashboard (gs-web-ui), Spring security integration, Mongo db integration and more. You help us win accounts and increase our business. Please send my warm regards to your entire team.

Shay Hassidim Deputy CTO , Distinguished Engineer, GigaSpaces

We are very pleased with 1 2 3 Completed ability to provide us services in so many domains. 123Completed consulting and training services help us win accounts and maintain existing customers to the highest customer satisfactory level. Your contribution to our product development is very well noticed and your work force is demonstrating the highest professionalism. We would like also to thank you for developing our new education courseware as well as delivering it worldwide with such great success. Thank you for providing us with such a great service and for being such a committed agile partner.

Gershon Diner, VP Customer Services & Support, GigaSpaces

Your training delivery and courseware is superb, and is always followed by strong positive feedback from our customers. Your XAP senior consultancy practice is a core extension of our own services team, and it is great knowing I can trust your team to represent us in front our top accounts and in our most demanding engagements.

Stacey Faries, VP Proffessional Services, GigaSpaces

Wanted to let you know that the customer Feedback on training material was EXCEPTIONAL. They could not stop raving over how good the material and experience is/was.

Stephen DiEugenio, VP Sales, East Coast, GigaSpaces

A year ago I looked to integrate NoSQL in our product and so my first call was to 1 2 3 Completed. I’ve worked with 1 2 3 Completed in the past and they’ve never failed to provide excellent service. 123Completed helped us analyze the choices including Cassandra DB and Mongo DB, set up simulation environments and ultimately decide on the right solution for us. 123Completed is currently assisting us with planning and development of key VMware products. It is great having a group of consultants you know bring value every time we meet. I highly recommend 1 2 3 Completed to all.

Avshi Avital, Director of R&D at VMware

We have contracted 123Completed for a very demanding Java/JEE project for the Hyperic product, a key VMware product. The project required wide knowledge in the Java/JEE arena. 123Completed team had to migrate the product to a new platform, develop necessary tools and migrate all Java/platform related components. 123Completed met all requirements while demonstrating the highest level of professionalism and expertise. The project was planned for 10 calendar months and was finalized on time, below budget while implementing all requirements and features. It was obvious that the project is in good hands all along. We are definitely planning to use 123Completed services whenever we encounter any development project that require special knowledge and challenges. These guys are top notch. 123Completed is a great VMware partner.

Ophir Cohen, Customer Success & Support Manager at VMware

We had to completely replace the underlying database of a very complex product, there were many technologies involved, there was no one was familiar with the code, no one knew the database schema, there were plenty of massive performance bottlenecks and there was a harsh time limit… Within short time since 1 2 3 completed joined, we learned the system, we coped with all technological challenges, we cleared all other obstacles, and we have got a living example of professional standards that were the key factor to this project success. For me it is crystal clear: without 1 2 3 completed on board, we would never complete this project in quality on time. Thanks for making this happen!

Yochai Uliel, Development Manager, APM, VMware

Our team of 7 developers needed to change a complicated application to work on Postgres instead of Mysql. Without your great help, I am sure the project we had would have never been finished on time. Your knowledge and capabilities about databases is very significant and was crucial for the success of our project.

Ohad Maislish, R&D team leader, VMWare.

888 Holdings PLC
888 is extremely happy with the consultancy services we get from 1 2 3 Completed. We are utilizing 123Completed outstanding consultancy services in numerous ways. They assist us by simplifying complex architecture solutions, development of real time big data solutions, supporting our GigaSpaces XAP implementation , implementing across the board development lifecycle management operations and more. There are times when we regret not calling 1 2 3 Completed experts sooner. Whenever we contact 1 2 3 Completed we realize we could have saved valuable time and lots of money. The ROI is obvious from the first minute they come in the door. Our relationship grew to be beyond the standard customer supplier type. We are proud to be a great reference for their practice. 123Completed is one of our most trustworthy partners.

TD – Ronen Tidhar , Bingo R&D & Testing Director, 888 Holdings

123Completed has been mentoring and implementing our development lifecycle operations effort using the CA Release Automation (NOLIO) platform. The work done by 123Completed is so good that the implementation of 123Completed is considered by CA as the reference implementation for the product, bringing other customers to our site to observe and learn. We are now copying this implementation to all our development teams. It is obvious to say that we are a happy customer of 123Completed.

Kobi Akiva, Bingo System Engineering TL, 888 Holdings

I have been working with 1 2 3 Completed experts for several years now. 1 2 3 Completed is a great Oracle Partner, assisting us in various domains and are always delivering excellent results in the projects they are involved in.

Sary Zuck, Defence Sector Manager, Oracle

Oracle is proud to have 1 2 3 Completed as a training and services provider. The relationship between Oracle and 1 2 3 Completed experts has proven itself for over 15 years now. We are happy to place any projects in the safe hands of 1 2 3 Completed.

Noam Wekser, Oracle University Israel Director, Oracle

Thank you for your assistance in the implementation of CA Lisa Release Automation (Nolio) product for our customers. Your knowledge and experience is vast and your contribution is well noted

Avi Diler, proffesional services manager, Calanit Ltd.

Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic Cassandra course last week. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a course with someone who knows his material as well as you did…and it was truly a pleasure.

Cisco Systems

Bank Of Amerika
Thank you for this wonderful course. I learned a lot! You are absolutely one of the best trainers I’ve ever met.
The course was excellent. I liked the format and the labs. It was well organized and emphasized the key aspects of performing any given development task or administration troubleshooting concept.

Bank Of America

American Airlines
I wanted to thank you for the excellent Gigaspaces XAP class that we just finished in Fort Worth. The breadth and depth of your knowledge on this product is pretty clear, and the way you presented the material kept me engaged throughout the class. This class was the total opposite of the “reading off the slides” approach that I see sometimes and I appreciated that. The class materials were good and the labs really helped to reinforce the concepts we learned in the lessons. I think the knowledge that we gained will be indispensable as we move forward with our implementation.

American Airlines

Openway Group
Thank you from our team for productive and enjoyable week, a lot of challenges were successfully resolved.

Andrew Kavko, OpenWay Group

Thank you for your training! Our developers said that it was really interesting and useful.

Alexander Rakita,Ecommerce product development, OpenWay Group

… We used 123Completed services to build Proof-Of-Concept of an innovative technology. The deliverables 123Completed provided went beyond the requirements we set and helped us achieve a higher goal. Thanks to their dedication we managed to secure that on time.

Osher Yadgar, Chief Scientist, Conduit

… We have hired the services of 123Completed in order to assist us in developing a complex Reach Client Product (RCP) Eclipse plugin. 123Completed experts exceled once again. We are very happy with the outcome of the project and are recommending 123Completed services to all

Shachar Segev, VP R&D, Aternity

we would like to thank you for the effort and good trainings 123 completed have offered ING the last year, as we surely have had a good benefit from your trainings. As we regularly face new contacts within other companies outside ING, that show great interest into rolling out Nolio in there line of business and they ask us how this is achieved. For the training part will surely mention the trainings from 123completed as we are surely satisfied about your work on the ING side.

Ben Vos , Manager IT-Support Nolio DB/CIO/ITOps/Prod/Support, ING Netherland

Pontis seeks both quality and productivity. Our partnership with 1 2 3 Completed provided us with a true R&D partnership, expertise, great service and availability. 1 2 3 Completed contributed significantly to our platform architecture and performance always keeping security in mind. We at Pontis are happy to be a 1 2 3 Completed reference and recommend their services to all.

Shachar Segev, CTO, Pontis

I would like to thank you for the high quality delivery of the .NET project as well as the research project conducted by you on our behalf. You have met all our goals, and we will be happy to use your services in the future.

Oded Kedem, co-founder and chief technology officer, Zerto

BluePhoenix KMS had some very complex projects that required understanding and high delivery capabilities. For these projects we have used 1 2 3 Completed as a development and integration arm. We were very satisfied with the outcome of 1 2 3 Completed work. It was extremely professional, and on time.

Nir Levion, General Manager, BluePhoenix KMS

BluePhoenix KMS have been utilizing and leveraging 123Completed services for the past few years. 1 2 3 Completed is a top of the line professional IT integration partner, and their contribution to the success of our knowledge management product and customer satisfaction is crucial. We asked for their assistance with some of the most complex challenges we had, and Eyal and his team met every technical challenge in a creative, efficient, on time and on budget manner. 1 2 3 Completed team supports our R&D, delivery presale and support organizations. 123Completed provided us the confidence that regardless of the challenge, the timeframe or the location in the world — they will work with us to achieve the goals. We highly recommend 123Completed work and partnership, and will be happy to share our excellent experience with others.

Avishai Shafir, VP Marketing & Pre-sale, BluePhoenix KMS

I wanted to thank you for the improvements in performance, you have achieved in our system. You demonstrated a good understanding of our problem in a relatively short time and quickly suggested/implemented a different solution, thus improving performance by a ratio of 20–50 times. I look forward to continued cooperation with you on other subjects and to employing your profound knowledge in the combination of Java and application servers working with Oracle via Hibernate.

Gadi Inon, Director, Solutions Architect, Solutions and Innovations Group, Mobixell Networks

Mobixell hired the services of 123Completed for the delivery of a complex data aggregation project. 123 Completed has provided Mobixell with a high quality project that meets all requirements. 123Completed has demonstrated flexibility and true partnership throughout the execution of this and other projects. 123Completed is our default subcontractor choice for any java-database oriented projects and consulting. We at Mobixell recommend 123Completed services to all.

Oren Zucker, Infrastructure and Projects Group Manager, Mobixell

Tadiran Telecom
Thank you for the training. Considering the limited time given for this training it was an excellent overview and initial hands on experience.

Menahem Zeltzer, Tadiran Telecom

After many years of experience with 1 2 3 Completed founders, it was pleasure to hear that they have established a service company once again. With the extensive expertise and excellent reputation, we have decided to hire 1 2 3 Completed for one of our strategic efforts. The 1 2 3 Completed team demonstrated deep understanding and got up to speed very quickly, the team executed with top professionalism which resulted in a very successful engagement. Our experience with 1 2 3 Completed was nothing but sheer success.

Chen Burshan, VP Product Management, ComAbility

Orca Interactive
I would like to thank you for your contribution to the significant performance improvement of COMPASS, Orca's innovative new product for content recommendation. Your advice regarding how to configure the Java environment, how to tune the Oracle DB and how to optimize their software connecting them, were essential in reaching excellent runtime performance.

Miri Curiel, VP R&D, Orca Interactive

When seeking for top of the line recognized consultants in our domain it was obvious to us that 1 2 3 Completed composes the skill set, dedication and expertise to assist us in becoming a market leader. 1 2 3 Completed is continuously assisting us in our Research and Development and QA efforts. I must say that the 1 2 3 Completed company name says it all. These guys know how to deliver!

Lanir Shacham, CTO, Correlsense

During the development process when we at OraPlayer Ltd. had advanced architecture questions we turned to 123Completed for consultation in performance improvements and architecture for scalability. 123Completed advise helped us provide a top of the line solution that is ready for extreme deployment environments and led to many happy customers. OraPlayer highly recommends 123 Completed to any company that wants to improve their solution and meet customer expectations.

Mia Urman, CEO, OraPlayer

DSKnowledge LTD is a leading provider and development house of knowledge management and delivery products platform since 2004. As CEO of DSKnowledge, I had to identify a System Integrator who can comply with our growing integration needs and understands our business requirements as well. We Choose 1 2 3 Completed to partner with and it went beyond our expectations. Since we initiate the engagement with 1 2 3 Completed several very aggressive projects has been successfully executed as well as supporting our R&D, professional services and sales efforts. The flexibility, expertise, professionalism and real win-win strategy that we have established has proven itself on a daily basis. I recommend 1 2 3 Completed services to all my colleagues, the added value they bring is huge in many aspects and so is their business approach.

Nir Lavion, CEO, DSKnowledge