Founder, CEO

Eyal Rubin

Eyal Rubin is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of 1 2 3 Completed and has more than 30 years of experience in enterprise application infrastructures and professional services. He is a highly respected expert in the field of enterprise software and a sought-after lecturer and speaker in the industry. Eyal is recognized for his expertise in NoSQL and RDBMS databases, Apache Kafka, GigaSpaces XAP, Database & J2EE, and micro-services. He has a strong track record of successfully leading and managing complex technical projects, with a focus on scale, availability, security, and performance. Eyal has provided strategic technology consultancy to more than 300 clients, including major companies such as Oracle, CyberArk Software, SolarEdge, Cisco Systems, HPE, Redis Labs, VMWare, Amdocs, AudioCodes, Leumi Bank, and Hapoalim Bank. He holds a Computer Science and Economics degree from Bar-Ilan University in Israel.

VP Professional Services

Elaad Teuerstein

Elaad joined 123 Completed in 2013, and has 20 years of experience working with enterprise software products. Throughout his career, he’s performed a variety of roles, including development, operations, and marketing/sales, which have given him a comprehensive understanding of the software world. –. As VP of Proffesional Services at 1 2 3 Completed, Elaad manages our most demanding client engagements. Elaad has vast hands-on experience in the field of development, with expertise in dev ops, software data grids, cloud technologies, and software development. Elaad’s passion is for promoting great products and for transforming client needs to technical functionality. Elaad is a senior consultant who supports, consults, and visits our clients’ sites throughout their time with 1 2 3 Completed.“A simple and elegant service is what I strive for. If end users and colleagues alike say the outcome makes their life easier and management says the profits are up, I have reached my goal”– Elaad has a BA degree in Physics from the Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Chief Technology Officer

Ran Lupovich

Ran is a globally acknowledged technology professional with over 15 years of experience leading data and infrastructure teams across a range of domains, including mainframe, open source, Windows, Linux, and cloud. He is skilled in both monolith and distributed system architecture and is a quick learner who enjoys solving challenges. As a Certified Kafka Administrator and Certified IBM Database Administrator, Ran has designed and established data in motion approaches in multiple organizations. He has also been involved in modernization projects, bringing products to life and ensuring customer satisfaction. In addition to his technical expertise, Ran holds an MBA in Business Administration and Strategic Partnership and has been chosen as a top student in a prestigious accelerator program. He also has a B.Sc in Computer Science, with a focus on system design, and is an alumni of the MAMRAM programmer school, where he was chosen as a star graduate. Throughout his career, Ran has been recognized as an IBM Champion for his ability to share his experience with global user communities. He is passionate about leveraging his skills and knowledge to drive success for organizations and customers.

Chief Architect

Shadi Massalha

Shadi has served as chief architect of 1 2 3 Completed since 2011. Shadi is a technology expert capable of delivering out-of-the-box solutions to any technological challenge no matter the technology. Shadi served as the Chief Architect of BPHX-KMS, responsible for providing complex architecture and integration solutions to the most demanding call centers in the industry in many verticals including Telecommunication, financial , Health & Logistics industries among others. Shadi's knowledge of .NET, JAVA/JEE, SPRING, Web technologies, Infrastructure platforms is enabling him to lead the unique architecture approach of 1 2 3 Completed. Shadi served as a Senior Architect at WE! Technologies.