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123Completed can delvier any training in its technology and skillset realm. We fully customize the training to our customized needs and offer instructor led followed by on the job training in order to maximize the productivity of our customers. Contact us for additional customized training solutions.

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Bank Of America
Thank you for this wonderful course. I learned a lot! You are absolutely one of the best trainers I’ve ever met. The course was excellent. I liked the format and the labs. It was well organized and emphasized the key aspects of performing any given development task or administration troubleshooting concept.

American Airlines
I wanted to thank you for the excellent Gigaspaces XAP class that we just finished in Fort Worth. The breadth and depth of your knowledge on this product is pretty clear, and the way you presented the material kept me engaged throughout the class. This class was the total opposite of the “reading off the slides” approach that I see sometimes and I appreciated that. The class materials were good and the labs really helped to reinforce the concepts we learned in the lessons. I think the knowledge that we gained will be indispensable as we move forward with our implementation.